Documentary Weddings

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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. It is the real beginning of your hopes and dreams, and the sharing of them with the person you love. As with all the special times of our lives, the desire to preserve it beyond its moment often means capturing it within images. When it comes to weddings, this traditionally has been in the way of formal portraits of the bride, groom and wedding party in addition to fairly standard scripted poses of the happy couple. These kinds of images have been the norm of wedding photography for many years and can be found everywhere today.

A documentary photographer aims to focus on the story of your day, and the moments it is made up of. From the bride and groom preparing themselves in the morning, through to busting moves on the dance floor, the whole day is captured by myself as a completely passive observer. A witness to this incredibly momentous occasion in your life’s history. No posed or contrived images. No 90-minute stressful photoshoots that you take away from all the fun. Just the honest, real, and candid moments that tell your story.

Bill was hired to “capture the day” of our wedding. He did exactly that. He took wonderful candid photos that really illustrate the fun everyone was having. Bill was very inconspicuous, which helped to make the photos even better because everyone was just in their normal pose.
— R Stone

I shoot with professional digital cameras, but I edit the images to create the look and feel of classic film stocks. This gives the photographs a unique and timeless feel to them, which is why people are drawn to them. They avoid the clinical nature of modern digital images, opting instead for beautiful imperfection and emotion.


To be a silent witness to all the emotions and feelings of a couples wedding day is an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience and one that is always an honor to be part of, no matter how big or small the event is. Capturing such moments as the one above, where Kalina’s mother told her how proud she was of her, can often only happen if people are unaware of you being there. I use small, professional cameras that are quiet and unobtrusive which enable me to pass through the day pretty much ignored. No flashes or light stands. No huge zoom lenses on big cameras. No distractions. You want the world to be focused on you on your wedding day, not the photographer.

Bill has a true talent for capturing unique and tender moments in an unobtrusive way. We are so happy that he covered our wedding because he photographed some points in time that we would have missed entirely! He maintained a low profile the entire day and produced some genuine treasures of our family and friends that we will cherish for years to come.

When the day is over, a bride is left with two things from her wedding. A husband, and her photographs. The images that I take that day are not just a record of the event, but of the emotions, connection, and humanity of everyone there. You will see events you were unaware of at the time, moments that would otherwise be lost to you. These captured images will invoke the joy and excitement of your day for the rest of your life and will enable your children and grandchildren also to experience those moments like no staged photograph ever could.

If you would like me to tell the unique story of your wedding day contact me here for availability.