Wedding prices & FAQ

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Q - How much will photography cost me?

A - I keep my wedding packages straightforward for you. My professional fee starts at $1200 and is costed on an hourly basis. Contact me here for further details.

Q - Will you travel for my wedding?

A - Yes absolutely! If it's with 25 miles of Wooster, Ohio, there is no charge for travel. Anything farther afield will be discussed during your consultation.

Q - Are there any kinds of wedding you don’t shoot?

A - No. I am happy to shoot any kind of wedding ceremony. Religious or non-religious, Straight or LGBQ. Love is love :)

Q - Do you only shoot in black and white?

A - No, but I shoot mainly in black and white for two reasons.

Without colors to distract us, a black and white image generally conveys story and emotion far better. The impact of the image is often much more powerful, and there is no better way to tell the story of your day or any story for that matter.

  1. Black and white images are timeless. Photographers are a funny lot, and just like fashion, photography has its looks and fads. Any search of 80’s/90’s color wedding pictures will prove this. There are familiar looks out there now that I’m sure people will be cringing at in 10 years. With black and white this is less obvious, so in years to come, when you, your children, and grandchildren look through your wedding album, they will be able to relate to the emotions and joy of that day far more.

  2. I do shoot the day in color and later convert it to black and white during the editing process. Certain images do look more impactful because of color, and when this is the case, I will edit the images for both styles. If there are specific images that my clients request as a color edit, this won’t be a problem.

wedding guests
wedding guests