About the Ladies Portrait Session

The time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other's welcome,

And say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was yourself.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Derek Walcott

Who are your Ladies Portrait Sessions for?
Our photo shoots are for absolutely anyone. Busy career women, full time Moms, retirees, or anyone wanting something completely different from everyone else! It doesn't matter who you are we will create beautiful images that you will love forever.
What should I wear?
This all depends on the look you are try to achieve. We will throw around some ideas and plan a choice of wardrobe together during our consultation. While some people do have a vision for what they want the majority of people don't, and that's perfectly okay! We have plenty of ideas we can discuss with you so don't worry.
 A time for fun and dress up! 

A time for fun and dress up! 

Will you retouch my images?
Yes I personally edit all my work to create the very best images possible for you.
I'm very self conscious about myself and my body and I feel I need to lose some weight before booking with you.
This is completely understandable as everyone want to look their best in a photograph. It's a very personal choice, but don't worry! It doesn't matter if you are young or old, or the size and shape you think you are, we will draw out your inner beauty! One of the things we like to promote is loving yourself for everything you are already. When you see the final images you'll love yourself just that bit more.
 Rachel adding the finishing touches.

Rachel adding the finishing touches.

  You will be posed and lit in a way that brings out the beauty within you.

You will be posed and lit in a way that brings out the beauty within you.

Who will be there at my photo session?
There will be myself and my lovely stylist Rachel to keep you busy and entertained. You are more than welcome to bring a friend along if you would feel more comfortable. 
I think I'm too old for this kind of thing
I respectfully disagree. Beauty is not owned by the young, it's within everyone, and you'll see that in your images. I photograph people in their 60's just as well as those in their teens, and I personally love creating portraits for maturer clients as the final images tend to create a bigger impact with them.  Styling and posing of shots is individually tailored to the person which ensures great images to suit whatever age you are.
Can I have my photo session at anytime?
Photo shoots can be booked from Tuesday through Friday anytime of the year. I only do a set number of sessions per year so please contact me for availability. 
Can I have my portraits taken outdoors?
Yes you can have your portraits taken on location if you wish. This will of course be dependent on weather conditions at the time. I have a number of locations I use for outdoor shoots depending on your requirements
 ...and give me that big smile! 

...and give me that big smile! 

How do I know you'll make me look good?
Check out the before and after gallery below and see for yourself. 
How much will this cost and what do I get?
The Ladies Glamour package is $925 and includes the following:
Full pre consultation on style and wardrobe.
Professional hair and makeup.
Up to 3 hours shooting time.
Unlimited wardrobe changes
Indoor and outdoor locations available.
Lunch with the team.
Ten 8x10 matted prints from your session including digital files of each print.
**Bring a friend and the cost for each person is only $825
Are terms available for payment?
I'd love to book a session at the studio, what do I do??
Head over to the contact page here to email me or call directly and let's get your special day booked!