Creating images that makes someone love themselves, even more, is what Boudoir photography is for me. Simple as that. Bringing out someone's playfulness and sensuality is what the whole day is about, and the images are always a reflection of you rather than of the photographer. You get to be you. Fun, silly, daring and provocative. You choose.

Our shoots are all about having fun. You will work with myself and my stylist, Rachel, who will do your hair and makeup (She’s superb!!), while you sip on a beverage listening to your favorite tunes. When you are ready, we will get down to creating beautiful images of you. There are no time or outfit limits to the shoot, we work until we have what we are all happy with. No conveyor belt sessions that try and get you in and out as fast as possible, we do the work.

Once the session is over and you’re feeling wonderful and liberated (We hear that a lot!), I will get editing the images over the next 2 weeks, and arrange a viewing with you. You can then choose how you’d like your pictures displayed. I create both color and black and white images for my clients, and these will be down to my own artistic interpretation of what looks best. I like to give my photography a quality that creates the impression of vintage cinema for the color images, and classic film for the black and white. I consider the whole process to be creating art, with you as the masterpiece.