Portraits are our most precious of heirlooms. They are an evolving record of our lives and that of our loved ones, and are often cited as the most common possession people would grab hold of if their house was on fire. Having a visual link with the past has always been important to people since even before photography was invented, in the way of just small trinkets and items that we kept to keep memories alive. 

Modern professional photography gives us the ability to record ourselves in ways that were unheard of 15 years ago. Clients now look for creativity and uniqueness in their images, and it's my passion to try and provide just that to everyone who sits in front of my camera. I aim to produce images that make my clients go WOW! Is that ME?!?? I want them to have images that become a talking point in their homes when people visit. This is why I work with my clients closely on what kind of images they like and see themselves in, so together we can create that WOW factor. That creative phase can also be incredibly fun for both parties too, which is also another thing I like to emphasis about my sessions. They're fun! Don't worry about how you think you look or whether you can pose properly or not, just come along with the aim of having fun, and you'll not have time to worry about anything else.

Give me a call now and let's create something WOW!


glamour portraits

For the Ladies

Photography is made for women in my humble opinion. There is nothing more beautiful than female portraiture, mainly because every woman owns her own beauty in my eyes. Each woman I photograph has things about her she thinks are imperfect or doesn't like, and I get a real kick out of showing her that what she sees and what the world sees are often very different.                                                   

modern portraits

For the Gentlemen

Photographing men needs a very different approach than for a woman. Posing and lighting are an important factor in creating a masculine or dramatic image. Strong imagery is important for men and it's something I enjoy creating, whether headshots, corporate portraits or general portraits.                                                                                                                                                                                      

family portraits

Families and Couples

The family portrait is probably the most common type of portrait in any home. It's a statement on bonding and love between couples, parents and children that we show proudly to the world. These are the heirlooms we treasure most and as such, I work hard with my clients to create awesome images that they will love forever. Mother and Daughter portraits are especially popular and a great way of spending a girls day out.