Sun, Wine and Cheese at the Blue Barn

Every now and then, my wife and I get a rare slow day on the weekend. No games to attend with our daughter, no external commitments, just a whole lot of nothing. And we are good with that! It was one such lazy day that we get a call from Wendy's Mom asking if we'd like to attend a wine tasting at a local vineyard, very local as it turned out, only 5 minutes down the road. After checking our social schedule we agreed to meet around 4pm.

The Blue Barn Winery and Vineyard is situated just off Route 3 around 4-5 miles outside Wooster, Ohio and borders another local Vineyard, Troutmans. I'd passed by the Blue Barn many many times without actually registering what it was. I knew that the sold Mums by the bucket load each Fall, but I had no idea it was more than that. 

WIne Tasting

The interior of the ground floor is beautifully decorated in a rustic, but not dilapidated style. The barn itself dates from 1860 and has been extensively renovated to accommodate functions and events. There were a good selection of white and red wines available to try of which I opted for a rather delicious sweet chilled red. The afternoon was then spent emptying said bottle, enjoying the glorious summer sun and wandering around the grounds. Of course like any photographer worth his salt I made the most of the setting to get some photos. It's a blissful way to spend an afternoon, and at the moment you get a free potted Mum with every bottle of wine! 

Wine and Summer Sun
Blue Barn Vineyard
Blue Barn Vineyard