Fun Fall Portraits

It's true to say most people love the Fall. The humidity of those long hot summer months gradually fades into memory, and people can get out and enjoy the milder weather without the need for constant hydration. But what we really love about the Fall is the change of scenery. The lush green foliage of summer that weighs heavy on the boughs of trees begins to fade into the rich reds oranges and yellows of Autumn providing a sight everyone enjoys. 

This time of year can provide the very best backdrops for outdoor Senior or Family portraits but it's a brief moment at best. Mid to late Oct seems to be the optimum time to get out and capture the richness of the season before the winds come and strip the trees bare. A year ago I took my daughter Izzy out into our yard and we made the most of the leaves scattered over the lawn, capturing one of my favorite images of her which now is a large 16x20 print on our family room wall. 

Today I took a very excited Izzy to the orthodontists to finally have her braces removed, (and just in time for Homecoming this weekend too!) As I sat in the waiting room I remembered the pictures I took at this time a year ago, and on the car ride home we made plans for her new post-braces Fall portrait.