The Documentary Wedding Experience.

I'm not a wedding photographer by choice, mainly because I enjoy weekends with my family, but I do enjoy the challenge of them every now and then. It's always very flattering to be asked to record one of the most important days in a couple's life, and I was honored that Aaron and Kalina asked me to cover their wedding recently. 

I've always been of the opinion that a wedding should be a time to celebrate with friends and family and not a prolonged photoshoot. For this reason I shot their wedding as a story of the day from start to finish. The aim is to capture the moments they wouldn't see and the laughter and joy that others had in sharing their day. I've been a big fan of this style of wedding photography since first seeing the work of British photographer Kevin Mullins a couple of years ago. It captures a timeless feel for the day and one which I'm sure they will enjoy for the rest of their lives together. 

For the Photographers reading this who might be interested in the technical side of things, I shot the whole wedding using Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses. My kit for the day were as follows:

X-T1 with 23mm f1.4 lens. - I pretty much used this for 70% of the shots.

X-Pro1 with 56mm f1.2 lens.

X100T with the WLC fitted.

This gave me pretty much all the focal lengths I needed and was light enough that I didn't need to carry a bag with me all the time. The ability to see your exact exposure before each shot means that adjusting things on the fly is much easier and quicker than with a DSLR system imho. 

The venue was very dark inside which meant high ISO's, but the files still looked fine when edited. The X-Pro1 struggled a little focusing in this low light, but the X-T1 and X100T did just fine. 

Sun, Wine and Cheese at the Blue Barn

Sun, Wine and Cheese at the Blue Barn

Every now and then, my wife and I get a rare slow day on the weekend. No games to attend with our daughter, no external commitments, just a whole lot of nothing. And we are good with that! It was one such lazy day that we get a call from Wendy's Mom asking if we'd like to attend a wine tasting at a local vineyard, very local as it turned out, only 5 minutes down the road. After checking our social schedule we agreed to meet around 4pm.

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Why I love this image #6

I shot this image during a walk around Cleveland. The sun was quite harsh and I was sticking to the shaded side of the streets for the most part. As I crossed this gap the light made the wall textures jump out at me. I was lucky in that these three guys were walking down to give a sense of scale to the huge brick walls. While technically imperfect, I love the sense of scale this image gives. I intend to go back and do a more planned shot here in the future. 

Taken with a Fuji X-Pro1 with a 10-24mm f4 lens.

Dog days

As some of you may know, a few weeks back our Welsh Border Collie, Molly, passed away. She had been my companion since she was 2 months old and was almost 13 when she left us. I don't think we really understand how big a part of the family our pets are until they leave us and despite having another dog, our Aussie Shepherd Kally, the house seemed emptier almost immediately. 



As she was getting old we had already discussed what would happen when she was gone. While we loved having two dogs to keep each other company, we would hold off from getting another pooch for a year or two. Well it only takes one bad day to change all that doesn't it. After a particularly difficult week I got a text from Wendy to tell me she was going to get some puppy therapy at a local pet shop. "Just some cuddle time, that's all I promise".

"Ok we're getting another dog then" I said to myself.

An hour and a half later this little bundle of fluff joined the family. Rizzo is a Aussie Shepherd/poodle mix. She has a very calm temperament which I'm hoping stays with her, and is proving smart already. 

Rizzo (named after the character from the movie Grease).

Rizzo (named after the character from the movie Grease).

I used the opportunity of having a new puppy to take some proper Pet Portraits of her, something I wished I would have done with Molly. I'll be taking one every month now for the next year to track how she grows. 

Rizzo is now 9 weeks old and we took her on her first big adventure into the wider world yesterday. We strolled around the woods and fields by my In-laws with our other dog Kally. She had a lots of fun on her walk but soon tired and had to be carried home by our daughter Abby. 

I love puppies, but like kids, they grow up too quick.