About Bill

There is something about people that is so intriguing. Getting to know someone's personality by drawing them out of their shell to find the real person is a fascinating process of discovery for both parties. When photographing someone, in order to create the very best captivating images, a large part of it involves making a connection that draws the real person out. You can see it in their eyes as the shutter goes click, captured for all time. It's a unique process that I love developing with my clients and shows in my work.
My photography career started when I left school in the 80's and took on various forms over the years including as an army photographer. For the most part it involved documentary style images, capturing real life moments. Candid images are a beautiful thing if the shutter clicks at that decisive moment. My photographic passion now is in capturing beautiful portraits and it's still about capturing that moment. Portraits have a special place in our lives as, in my opinion, they are beyond a mere wall decoration, they are in fact priceless heirlooms. I love that each image I create will capture that person at that particular moment in time, forever. Future generations will be able to touch the past through the images we create today. It's a real honor to be able to part of that process that will be part of so many people's lives and I'd love to be able to create those beautiful images for you. Images that you will pass on to future generations.
Bill, originally from Manchester in England, is based in beautiful Wooster Ohio where he lives with his gorgeous wife and two daughters. In between photographic shoots he is a sculptor, lover of red wine and occasional international man of mystery. He likes long romantic walks along the beach providing he can take his camera and at least two lenses, being a dad and husband, and the look on clients faces when they see their images for the first time.